KINSA merino wool // superwash 3 ply DK // pucker

KINSA merino wool // superwash 3 ply DK // pucker


100% natural yarn, botanically dyed by the skilled hands of women artisans in the remote Sacred Valley of Cusco, Peru.

Pilling-resistant, washable and flexible, our KINSA superwash merino is an everyday “go to” yarn!

3 ply DK

superwash merino wool

100 grams - 300 yards - 275 meters (approx.)

dye material: cochineal

Please note that colors will vary between computer-phone-tablet monitors and dye baths, and though we try our best to post color-accurate photos, variations should be anticipated. For any questions or concerns about color exactness, please contact us!

Natural dyes fade beautifully with time and may run a bit when washed but will retain their vibrancy with proper care. Anything made with Pichinku yarn is not suited for the spin cycle, superwash or no! We recommend gently washing in luke-warm water with a very small amount of mild detergent (Orvus, Euculan, baby shampoo, etc.), avoiding agitation, and laying flat to dry.

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